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France and Germany are together the european G2: 150 millions citizens and the biggest GDP in Europe and the Euro Zone. This common asset is one of the most powerful and leading economies in the world.

Today France and Germany are facing the biggest evolution since industrial revolution with the New Economy and digital transformation of our daily businesses. We are also attending the biggest generation change since 1950.

If you want to catch up with it, we have to work together.

Innovation is not a job, it is a mindset

Nesting is a french-german consulting and innovation agency, active in Paris and Berlin. We offer combined services for cross border business developments and investments. Nesting is also specialized in the field of utilities and smart city businesses.

Together with strategic partners, Nesting aimes to found in 2018 a european CityTech innovation platform to ensure the capacity of future european champions. The CityTech investment fund project is focused on energy transition, circular economy and urban mobility. investing in small and medium sized companies in continental Europe, this private and public equity fund with a strong french-german clues also supports new technologies and services in start ups through seed capital.

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Qui est Nesting ?

The Nesting Company est une agence de conseil, expert des activités franco-allemandes, et dédiée à l’innovation de la nouvelle économie.

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